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welcome to " Oxford junior High school "

Our School promises to provide the finest education to your ward. We are dedicated to making and shaping the future of India. Our school is established with a focused dedication towards shaping well-rounded global citizens. Our School is one of the best schools in the state and also in India. It is one of the top schools, offering a world-class campus and infrastructure.

Students are like clay and it is the school's responsibility to shape them in the finest sculpture. The origination of the students is based on the understanding of the real world. From starting our students gain country-level exposure and insights through the best of knowledge. We provide the best and practical education that encourages students to excel in multiple disciplines, such as study, sports, music, craft, and many more. It is our natural process of learning that our popularity spread out and reaches you. Our students participate in National and International level competitions and achieve rank respectively.

Our School has a curriculum for primary and secondary classes. We have separate facilities for both segments to accelerate the learning process. Today day by day we are dedicated to achieving the best title for quality and best education and making the futuristic leaders for our country.

From the desk of

Mrs Reeta Singh


From the Desk of Principal

In this fastest changing era, it is a very crucial role in preparing leaders in life who can be set for service to the nation. Our school is always encouraged to accept this responsibility for self-dependent and self-discipline to develop the future of India and prepare the best human for society.

We make our infrastructure world class and make learning enjoyable and interesting for our students. Our dedicated faculty is also committed to providing a unique, safe and smart environment which maximizes the quality of education. We also realize that parents also play a vital role for their children’s success and this is the main factor for maximize the quality of education, so we always make healthy relationships with parents and aware them time to time for their kids.

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  • You have a miracle going on here, and we love being a part of it.

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Oxford junior High school

Oxford Junior High School Bewar , ( Mainpuri) U.P.

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